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Out of Brooklyn, New York comes a group consisting of four guys whom you may have heard before! The Invitations invite you to listen to and enjoy their honest, hot urban sounds.  While they are a strong group, each of the members can stand alone and carry mellow lead. Both Robert "Bob" Blanding and Herman "Co" Cofield carry first and second tenor, while O'neil "Duke" Johnson and Wilson "Gary" Gant deliver a second tenor and baritone. 

 "Over the years we've become more than friends," says Gary.  During their friendship and partnership, the quartet wrote a tune that they thought would be a hit for them, which eventually got them signed with Silver Blue Records (distributed by Polydor Incorporated). That song was "They Say the Girl is Crazy", which resulted in their first smash record for the Silver Blue label.  In addition to zooming to #1 on the airwaves in parts of the United States, it established The Invitations on every R&B station in the country. MembersWilson Gant  bio, Robert  Blanding bio, Alvin Ham bio,   Richie Pitts bio

"The Invitations are a very hard working group," says Duke.  "We try to sing ourselves into the hearts and memories of everyone that we've performed for." They have toured Bermuda, The Princess South Hampton, England, North and South Germany, Spain, Sweden and Amsterdam.  Among their television appearances, Ebony Affair brings back many fond memories for Cofield, while Bob remembers record breaking performances with The Temptations at The Howard in Washington, D.C., and with The Dells at The Scope in Norfolk, VA. "We would like to think that [our years of] association with other artists and behind-the-scenes representatives of the music industry , [has given us] a great knowledge of the business, while obtaining an even greater love for the knowledge [of] the international language" says Gary.  



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