Kevin Bennett



I am a Brooklyn-born musician, whose roots are R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues & Funk. My favorite artists are Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, BeBe Winans, George Benson, BB King, Parliament Funkadelic, and a whole lot of great acts in-between.  I can attribute the roots of my musical talent to my father, Keith Williams, who was inducted into the United In Group Harmony hall of fame in 1997 for his efforts with a group called The Valours. Being a totally self-taught musician, I break a lot of rules that some of my formally trained peers might frown upon. However, I think it helps give me an identity. 


I first picked up the guitar at age 17. At the time, my main instruments were drums and percussion, but I got serious with the guitar around age 20.  Since then, I've played with Cuba Gooding; Ray, Goodman and Brown; Isaac Hayes, and Chaka Khan to name a few.  I've also played at one of Europe's biggest Jazz festivals in Bern, Switzerland and made their roster of Great Musicians as posted on their website. This is my first attempt at writing, arranging and producing my own project.  The tracks on the CD are R&B, Funk and smooth Jazz (if you want to get into labeling).  In creating the tunes, I tried to do so with the average listener in mind, meaning that I try to make the tracks interesting but not too slick. Most importantly -- I try to make it groove. I hope you find that I have accomplished doing so.  




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